CMS Versions in the Timeline

Many of our users will have noticed a cool new feature we rolled out earlier this week. Lamplighter now regularly checks on the latest versions of ExpressionEngine, Craft and Wordpress from their respective websites, and reports new versions to all users using the CMS on your timeline.

Craft Updates on the Timeline

Craft Updates on the Timeline.

Not only will the new versions of the CMS show up in your timeline, Lamplighter will also record when your site's CMS version updates from one version to the next, allowing you to easily keep track of updates done to your site.

Craft has been Updated

Craft has been Updated on Spark. Twice. That was easy.

With these changes, you'll be able to more easily track the complete history of each your sites, between available updates and updates done to your site, be it to the CMS or to a plug-in. When paired with commit history, the timeline of each site should give you a clear picture of what's happening when on all the sites you manage.

With Lamplighter you can download add-ons, keep secure notes, receive uptime notifications, view info about commits, deployments, and servers…easily, across all your sites.
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