Traction or Friction?

Things have been one step forward and two steps back for a few months now as we realize that some parts of the app never should have been built the way they were, resulting in us having to go back and do them over. This will ultimately result in a better more scalable product, but one can't help but *facepalm* at the time it takes.

I touched on two areas in this month's newsletter (Oct 2014 News) that need some re-working: Analytics and Site Uptime. The interesting thing is, these two areas weren't originally part of the core product. We sort of threw 'em in there, and now most of the support requests or suggestions we get every month are in relation to these two things.

I guess that's part of finding the "product market fit" for a SaaS offering. 

We're at an odd spot with our current MRR (monthly recurring revenue) and the amount of work needed to bring Lamplighter to the next level. This means we have to be careful what we spend our time on, and we have to try and build features in solid, scalable ways so we don't have to duplicate efforts down the line.

As much as we'd like to gain more traction, we're not going to do it with a product that is causing too much friction. Our efforts right now are on reducing friction so we can more aggressively sell a better product, one that we're more comfortable with...and gain that traction.

We need to remove friction (improve the codebase!) so we can gain traction (mo' users!).

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