Using the Installed Add-Ons View to Accelerate Updates

One cool thing about Lamplighter is the ability to see all add-ons installed across all your sites (on one screen) regardless of CMS. This feature came in handy this week when Solspace, a maker of ExpressionEngine add-ons, sent out an email to every customer who had ever purchased their Facebook Connect add-on, warning them that they will have to update due to changes in Facebook's API.

View which sites are using what add-on

View which sites are using what add-on, easily. In this example, we see eight sites have Low Reorder installed, and five are out of date.

The easiest way for us to see which sites are using Facebook Connect with Lamplighter is to go to Account > Installed Add-ons. If we have a ton of add-ons, we can use the filter at the top to view add-on just for the CMS we need. I select "ExpressionEngine" in the filter, then scroll down to Facebook Connect. At a glance, I can see that it is installed on only one site (and is out of date on that site, too!). Clicking "More" reveals the site(s) on which the add-on is installed. In this case, there is only one site we have to update, and it took me just a few seconds to figure that out.

If you purchased an ExpressionEngine add-on through, you can download the updated version right there on the Installed Add-ons screen (in this case we can't because that vendor doesn't sell through devot:ee).

With Lamplighter you can download add-ons, keep secure notes, receive uptime notifications, view info about commits, deployments, and servers…easily, across all your sites.
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